Group Ideas

Collaboration work has been quite difficult with coming to an agreement of what it is we want to investigate in our work as a group. Our group was called Control and influence and with this we wanted to explore how people can be manipulated and controlled within a city. We looked at ideas with CCTV and how Cardiff is the most CCTVed city in the UK, and we looked at ways in which we could control and manipulate peoples thoughts within a city environment. After many long discussions we picked three ideas which we could investigate. In these three ideas I pushed for my idea of a dinner table setting. In my own work at the same time as this i was looking at ways in which people could be controlled and influenced and using food to interpret it and illustrate a community eating up whatever those in power told them with my piece called “Spaghetti swastikas”. I wanted to bring this idea into our group work because it fitted in with the way in which people could be manipulated through the consumption of a food which controls how they think. This idea seemed literal to most of the people in the group but it was the symbolism in what the dinner table represented which made me push for this idea.

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