Constellation Week 3

This week we looked at Defamiliarization and making objects strange. With this we looked at the multiple possibilities of interpreting an object and making it strange or unfamiliar. As artists we change the perception of things elongating the process of perception, as we make make everyday objects people know and are familiar and change them to be strange or make the viewer perceive the object differently, and in some ways in more depth. In the beginning of this lecture we looked at how objects can be made into unfamiliar or strange by showing the viewer the object from a different point of view, making us see the ideology of conventional presentations of the world within our own practices.

The lecture moved on to Illusionism and how after we see an object several times we begin to recognise it. The object has now become familiar so we do not see it, so we cant say anything significant about it. With this lecture it made me look at how as artists we do not see the making process of our pieces of art, but only the final piece. We seem not to see the processes of how we produce it as these processes are familiar. Artists seem to make things unfamiliar or strange in order for us to appreciate objects in different perceptions and to further understand or appreciate the object they are showing us in a different way making the viewer see the familiar in an unfamiliar way.

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