Jake and Dinos Chapman

Jake and Dinos Chapman art artists who are a favourite of mine. Their work consists of Nazism, Sex and a world of imagination. Their work really does influence mine because the way in which they provoke peoples thoughts, there is always something that is seductive about their work it invites us in to have this playful and naive approach. Their work is very morbid and in some ways disgusting but it is tacky but in the best possible way, people can relate to tacky and the way in which they create their work in this tacky way it makes us look at it in this childlike state of mind. We may laugh at some of their work but after enjoying it you get this guilty feeling of liking it so much because it is depicting scenes of torture, death, rape and paedophilia. This enjoyment but guilt of enjoying it so much is something that fascinates me as I want to understand why do people feel it and how does it make us feel as viewers of this. The way in which they deal with Nazism also makes me interested as they can make people enjoy something that was so brutal and unappealing. I want to look in the same way they did however use this seductive quality of selling this way of life in the way subliminal messaging can sell anything through sex. p4-evil-a-boximg-20130524-870x1307

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