Otto Dix

Otto Dix is an artist I have been looking at as he painted scenes from the war. He creates beautiful landscapes from corpse bodies that were killed in the war. The way in which he grasps the viewers attention into looking at this landscape however as soon as the viewer looks closely they can see the corpses and the remains of them all creating this landscape. This idea really intrigues me that you think from a glance it is going to be a beautiful painting to look at but instead it is making the viewer face the truth of history and the bloodshed that was caused during the war. Dix011

His self portrait is something I thought was really interesting as it is done with a light coming from above his head showing all the shadows his face shape makes. There is nothing warm about this portrait it isn’t comforting in anyway. It’s not the sombre expression on his face that gives it this cold chilling feeling, it is the way in which the light captures the eyes in shadow and the way in which he looks in some ways in mental pain that captures me as a viewer.ottodix_self-portrait_1913

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