Constellation Week 2

This week we went into more depth into embodiment within art. We looked at perception and how it is used. We looked at how Perception is always indirect and  The perception of everyday lines has on opportunity. We as humans remember images from personal experiences and react to them differently from other people as we have had different experiences, that make us perceive images differently due to our memories. When asked to depict something we have never seen before we will use available resources to create something we believe to be right prior to our experience and expectation.

What we expect to see and how were we trained not to see it. With missing context and features in an image we fill in the gaps of them e.g. bodies without facial features shall appear with an expression we create.

Conclusions of ambiguity that reveal the beholder’s share 

  • Absent Features
  • Economy of line/brush work
  • Presentation of one form or another


This picture in my sketchbook illustrates how deformed and complex images make the relationship between artist and beholder more apparent. What does this begin to suggest about the process of design? We think we have full control over what we design? and is there really such a strict hierarchy between viewer/artist/designer? This week really made me think about these questions and looking at artworks that with a different perception as it made me think of it in a more physiological view.


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