Pin up Girls

Pin up girls were painted, changed and adapted girls made to fit every man’s sex drive in the War. Pin up girls were used in adverts to make people want to buy the product they were selling. These really interest me because they are not seen a women they are a prop for selling something to the viewer. These women were photographed and then altered by the painter giving them smaller waists bigger breasts and more curves which made them unrealistic and object like. They all look so happy and playful but not in a genuine way but in a way in which scares me, it makes me question was the pin up girl faking it or was she enjoying it did she enjoy showing her body in this seductive manner for millions to see in adverts, or was she just doing it to pay the bills, was she even bullied into taking off more and more clothes until she was basically naked.

A lot of the images I seen they have glazed over eyes as if they aren’t even thinking about it looking sleepy and seductive with “come to bed” eyes. Some are doing things like cleaning,cooking, washing up, trying to do “manly” tasks all of these types make them look clumsy, with no conscious thought and unable to perform simple tasks making them look like they need a man to help them, this I’m sure made men want to buy whatever they were selling because they could have authority over this girl who is helpless and almost naked wanting a mans attention.

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