Subliminal messaging

Subliminal messaging is something I really want to investigate in my art. Subliminal advertising is more hitting and more influential than normal advertising. Subliminal messaging is used to make you want to have something or to make you feel something else about what you are viewing. It has been used in movies, everyday objects, music, TV channels everything even though it was band in the 70s. The most effective way of subliminal messaging is through sex. Sex sells. Even in advertising provocative poses and seductive images of women or couples who are appealing looking are the ones that make you want to buy what they are selling no matter what it is in order to get a step closer into what they have that you don’t. It makes you want to be as pretty or as prefect or as wanted as the women in the advert.

In adverts for coke and other products they hide messages that involve the word sex or have a sexual image hidden within it. But why is that ? Why do they need to use sex in order to seduce people into buying the product? Some people say it is a secret masonry which controls images we see in everyday life.

subliminal information is stored in your brain and is capable of influencing your judgment, behavior and attitudes. In tv adverts pictures were flashed on the screen too quickly to be seen consciously, but made an impression on the subconscious. how can something that we don’t “notice”affect our behaviour? people have a strong affinity to sex, sexual subliminal messages would be the most effective one. Embedded on a certain product it’s supposed to trigger viewers attention, emotions and stir up affinity in them towards the product. Sexuality on the verge of pornography can be easily found in public advertising, family movies, cartoons and children products.

The use of sexual images seen or unseen are all appealing to the viewer wither they admit to it or not sex is appealing to every person as it gives them pleasure so images showing sex in some way or another make the viewer believe they will get pleasure in whatever they are buying.

Looking at this in my project I want to sell something which is painfully unsellable and unwanted I want to sell a symbol that was once of great importance. I want to sell a way of life to them. With my ideas of WWII I want to see how I could sell nazism and how people changed their views and opinions so quickly in order to be a part of the majority, I want to twist it making it a way of life you can buy into making it appealing and wanted my the viewer. I have strongly looked at propoganda posters in how they perceived the Aryan’s race and how they shown the Jewish people as the villains. I want people to want to buy into the Aryan’s race like they once did before back in WWII and with my work find an understanding as to why they did

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