Protestant Virgin Mary

photo (14)This piece I was looking at the conflict in Belfast and how Protestant and Catholic fight constantly even today. Living there I have seen fighting and things that has happened there even though I didn’t live in the troubles the tension it caused still remains in Belfast. As more and more murals go up on the sides of houses immortalising murderers just because they were a leader in the UDA or IRA depending where you go and what side of the piece wall you are on. This piece I wanted to make a mural type painting showing something that would be seen as quite shocking back at home. I painted the Virgin Mary a symbolism of catholicism with an orange sash on which are worn to celebrate the victory of king Billy making Northern Ireland a protestant country. Both of these symbolic pieces I put together to with the words “its not about religion” on the top of the painting making the statement that all the fighting isn’t about religion anymore but it is just about one side hating another if religion played its true purpose fighting and murdering wouldn’t happen.

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