Charcoal Bodies

photo 2 (20)This piece is a piece I did with the technique I was working with on my charcoal subject work. It is a Sketch from an image i took from Topography of terror in Berlin. I though it was so strange that bodies were just left on the ground to rot away like pieces of rubbish I really engaged with this piece cause i didn’t draw it realistic i drew it with more feeling. It was a sad piece to do as it had so much solemnness behind it. For me this piece was showing the lack of control of their own lives they had and how they weren’t treated as human beings in the slightest. I brought no colour into this piece because I didn’t want colour to over take what i wanted to put down onto paper I didn’t believe colour was relevant for this piece and black was, because black has the symbolism of death I thought it was most relevant.

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