Investigating The City Including My Pecha Kucha Presentation

belfast_murals_jackie_coulter With this theme of the city I am going to explore the way in which people in power can have an effect in those who live in the city. I want to investigate how those in power can manipulate your opinion of others and how brainwashing entire cities has happened due to those in positions of influence. I want to look at two cities in particular. Belfast and Berlin. Both cities have a history of forms of brainwashing and of making those who live in the city prejudice against others because they are somewhat different. In Belfast I want to look into why people of different religions of Catholic and Protestant still to this day fight and why are murderers are forever immortalised through murals painted on the sides of houses.

On my trip to Berlin Ibelfast72s want to a place called Topography of Terror. The images there were horrific. The images I seen there made me want to investigate how a city could become so brainwashed and controlled to hate people they once knew and lived with before. I want to find an understanding and through my work see how people could be come so manipulated into believing elimination of people who were different from them is the best for the city and yet have no emotion towards death in masses.

In Berlin I was interested to see how children perceived the war and how it affected them. From both Belfast and Berlin from The Troubles and World War II how coulGerman_concentration_camp_chart_of_prisoner_markingsd this and their parents involvement in these wars and violence could change their perception on people who are different also looking at the ways in which the Hitler Youth manipulated childrens opinions for jewish people and any other people who were different.

Propaganda in the War was a big way in which people were
influenced and were made to feel towards others this idea that one poster repeated in the street could play a big role in peoples subconscious making them believe all people who were jewish were evil and bad and the idea that a race of pure blooded aryan people was the best for the future.1938_Interior_of_Berlin_synagogue_after_Kristallnacht - Copy

Kristallnacht (Crystal night in english) was a night in Berlin where all buildings which were owned my the jewish people were torn down and their windows smashed the way in which those in power had so much control to be allowed to do this made me want to investigate this in my art.



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