Layers of Memories Final piece

DSCF0149This Box was an experiment using old photographs from old photo albums at home drawing the rough outlines of the people in the photographs on see-through plastic sheets. I then put foam pieces in between each layer and created a box frame around it. I then made a bigger one with acetate sheets which is now my final piece. This piece means a lot to me as it has all my loved ones within the drawings and me growing up some are from my childhood and some are from my teenage years in school. I wanted to create different layers to build this effect that you can look through and see another lower level. These layers are symbolic of the layers of memories we have as people. Memories which made me who I am are in these boxes. These memories were created through times within my life that could be universal to a viewer as everyone has memories some bad some good but they make us who we are today. They give us happiness and sorrow looking back on them but these layers of memories make us and sculpt us as humans, they help us evolve and DSCF0148understand human connections. All the people in these boxes have helped me, developed me and changed me through layers of time into who I am. The box is a symbolism of a part of someone like a window into the mind of a persons history. I used different sharpie colours to emphasise the layers and how colours can be used for memories further away that we can barely remember in the further away layers then gradually as layers get closer to the front panel they are getting more distinct and are more prominent as memories fade and are replaced within the mind with other memories as we cant store every single memory. only the ones that are most significant to us.The bigger box I am using for my final piece has white paint staining the front of it making it less clear to see the figures to show how memories can fade over time.


DSCF0177 DSCF0169



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