This painting I was looking at how time can deteriorate a persons health and also be a painful limitation. I tried a green layer initially with this piece and then painted on top with oils letting the green show through. I is a very undone piece of work but I like it that way because it has a lack of life it is cold and painful. I did the initial sketch back in Northern Ireland in my grandparent’s house. My Granda didn’t know I was looking at him let alone sketching him he was trying to get up out of his seat but his knees wont allow him as doctors won’t help him because of his age, he would not accept help off anyone even his family he always wants to show he is independent needing no ones help even if it is causing him pain and is taking him longer to do simple tasks. I panted him on a bead instead of his seat because I wanted to show him if he was just getting out of bed with this positive attitude he always has when he wakes up. For me this piece is a really emotional piece for me because I am so close to my Granda and seeing time taking him slowly is terrifying for me.

photo 2 (21)DSCF0180


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