Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown is an artist who does abstract figurative paintings. She depicts scenes in pastel colours and is an artist who also uses mark making by means of expression. Her loose expressive painting technique is very free and unblended and her subject matter is the narrative of events.

Brown’s paintings are about observing and looking at an image. Sex is the most obvious scenes she paints about. Teasing her audience with these images of the narrative are really quite stricking and interesting.

Her piece called “Teenage Wildlife” it is two people having sex in a forest. The pastel colours and the wet use of the paint blends the two people into the the forest as if they were meant to be there. The way this piece is an abstraction, as a viewer I am constantly refocusing my view because I am wanting to see more of the image and what exactly is going on. Brown very cleverly makes the viewers question the scene in which she is depicting and as a viewer, makes me enjoy the image and feel guilty at enjoying such an erotic statement.


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