Home Sick


These pieces are scenes of home. I live in a seaside town so when I see the sea I Know it connects to home. I used mark making to create the thickly applied to make a representation of the sea, putting my energy into each brushstroke. Each brush stroke is a memory, a stab inside me using my memory of this perfect moment of not feeling alone. Each brushstroke is a loss, a loss of this perfect moment. This painting is me making this perfect memory last forever. I find it hard to express myself through words so with this painting I can express how I truly feel. Each wave is a wave of a memory flooding back into my head it may be a gentle wave comforting me or it may be a crashing and crashing wave stabbing through my mind haunting me forever. However every wave has a rhythm, a heartbeat which reminds me that those memories are what make me who I am today.

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