My storm Series

These three pieces originate from newspaper articles and front covers of newspapers. I took the word “Storm” in each because it is such a strong powerful word. The definition of Storm is a “a violent disturbance of the atmosphere”.This relates to memory for me. The use of disturbance and disruption intrigues me that people can be disturbed by a storm. A storm may not be a literal storm which the majority of people would see a storm as an occurrence in the weather. To me a storm could be a disturbance within yourself within the way you perceive things.

The “After The Storm” piece has an image underneath the face of the philippines Typhoon. This image underneath is rubble and fragments of the homes left over from the storm. So I collected newspaper articles with the words storm in it. I came across an article with the title “Drawn to the sea, then lost to the storm.” This article I didn’t read I just highlighted the title, to me this title stood out as a powerful statement. I realised the use of words lets other people create their own meaning towards the piece and that the words could be as powerful as a painting. The words can draw in the viewer’s attention just as much as a painting could.




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