Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch is a favourite artist. His art is of important memories in his life depicting scenes of illness and death in his childhood home and in other pieces he had scenes showing his first love affairs. His pieces of art are extremely powerful and moving giving us a view into his life and memories. Alot of his work you can tell alot of love went into them.

Love for Edvard Munch was often seen with suffering and a lot of his art is to do with people leaving him. The image called “separation”. He talks about hair in connection to the one he loves and in an indirect and abstract way, expressed. The concept of suffering caused by love. He says “Fine threads of her hair are still attached to his heart- it bleeds- and hurtsas an eternally open wound”. He used gold paint to go with his written work about golden hair saying “your hair has gold dust”

His work for me is filled with overwhelming emotions of love and loss. I love his work because he also uses memories of pain in his work making them so much more meaningful and symbolic.


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