Blue Boy

This piece is of a boy looking down. I attacked the page with cold colours because of how Iphoto-2-(4) felt looking at the time when this memory occurred. The sorrow in his eyes looking down and the sad expression this was a memory when my closest friend found out I was moving to Wales. The way I emphasised his pain was to attack this face with bold brush strokes of blues and greens cause I myself felt the same pain he felt because I really miss him. The absence of him reminds me of how far away from home I am and how lonely I can get. I let my emotion control this piece and not my control for perfection. This painting of him at the moment when I was creating it for once I didn’t feel so alone even though he is sad in the painting it reminded me that he will be missing me two probably not as much or he may even have forgotten about me but in that moment when he was sad I knew that someone cared about me.

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