Charcoal Female Torso

This is a body of a female with harsh strokes only allowing the viewer to see the torso. There is no identity in this piece other than it is a female you can not see an expression on her face but instead the expression is in the brush strokes of me, the artist. I used mark making in order to define my chaotic disillusioned state of mind at the moment in which i felt like these harsh aggressive marks. The use of the female’s torso is me mocking in aggression on the way in which women are perceived by men.

Femininity is always linked with the female these fragile objects which should be viewed by the dominant male in possession. When a male looks at a nude image their eyes don’t even look at the face initially they in a way do not care about the identity of the woman they are looking at. The marks around the body is my aggression at this fact.


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