Marline Dumas

Marline Dumas is an artist who explores sexual behaviour in humans. Her Paintings are very loose and free with the use of watered down watercolours. Her piece called “Waiting” is a body either male or female lying on a bed waiting for something. You can’t tell if the body is touching itself or not but it belongs to the artists tradition of the nude. He or she could be waiting on a lover.20131204-103503.jpg

Marline Duma’s work questions women’s sexual acts depicting women touching themselves erotically. Eroticism in Marline Duma’s art is a sight of vitality and openness. These images are not to shock but to ask questions about the representation of pleasuring oneself in display to see and be seen.

Her art also questions innocence in adolescents and children and how they react when being viewed by the artist. Looking at how people want to be viewed is something I would like to investigate more.



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