Jake and Dinos Chapman

Jake and Dinos Chapman are Brothers which create art that shock audiences. They are very unsettling artists which use their art to provoke the audience and to disturb them. Their aim is to shock and they do. Their exhibition named “Hell” had these mannequin like young girls as if melted together with penis noses, these very sexual symbols on young girls bodies is not only surreal but are disturbing.20131204-104913.jpg

This piece named “Great Deeds against the Dead” is my favourite piece of theirs. it shows men and parts of men tied to a tree with their genitals removed or ripped off from their bodie. However the bodies don’t look like they are in that much pain. These mannequin like objects are haunting and disturbing because of there composition and the shock in this piece is with the bloody hole left where their genitals used to be. This makes me question what these men did to deserve this. I enjoy the way in which this piece is displayed and how it creates a dark humour in me.


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