Drawing Workshop


Today we had a drawing workshop with James Green looking at contour drawing and drawing with knives by cutting out images and shapes and having different colour of card underneath . We were looking at Henri Matisse’s work using this technique by using knives or scissors to cut out different shapes and images. My favourite out of the ones he showed us was Blue Nude (II) 1952.

Screen-shot-2013-01-22-at-11.31.00-400x282This different way of drawing excited me and made me want to look into more paper cut art as I want to explore how I can use shadow and depth in a 2D cut out to create a 3D feel with the use of shadow. I looked at the paper cut work of my tutor David Fitzjohn and I looked at the way he used shadow to create these dark yet elegant trees in the piece Fimbulwinter.

photo 3

My first piece of paper cut out was at this drawing workshop. James asked us to look through papers and find something that we can make a paper drawing out of. I found an advert on Steak so I got some brown paper and started cutting the title out in the paper and with the steaks I drew one out with the knife into the brown paper and underneath I stuck the steaks from the advert so they would be seen through the steak I drew out of the brown paper. This piece initially didn’t have a meaning to me. I just subconsciously picked this page in a newspaper but looking closer at it I can see why I picked this page. I can relate to this advert because I have felt that people have treated me like a piece of meat before. They have manipulated me in the way they like, consumed me then moved on to the next person they see as a piece of meat they can manipulate for their next consumption.

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