Venice Trip

We were given the chance to go to Venice to see the Venice Biennale and I went. Venice itself is such a beautiful, historical city it was an amazing experience to go down the old fashioned streets and see mask shops and all different crafts like glass sculpting. The Biennale is an experience I will never forget because I seen artworks which made me question my on perspective of what art is. quite a lot of artists stood out for me. I loved the work of Jakub Julian Ziolkowski. He uses images of body parts and ligaments to create these surrealistic worlds. He uses inspiration from his unconscious to give a disturbing new idea of mythical monsters and beasts made out of body parts. He says he is creating “a cosmology of my own beasts” and has the idea that your mind can become your own world.

Pawel Althamer was another artist which I liked because of the way his bodies “The Venetians” were placed in the room interacting with the public. the main reason i liked them was because their eyes were closed I seen there was a form of peacefulness within the bodies but I did not feel what the artist was trying to say that bodies are the vehicles for the soul.

Another piece I liked was the “Ex-votos from the Santurario di Romituzzo” . These fragments of body parts are of the tradition that in making the body part and blessing it, that it will be healed of someones medical problem. These objects on a string representing body parts really did make me feel for the hurt people who did this act in order to be healed. The objects are all individually made are in some ways quite beautiful but also are disturbing because it makes me think about the person who was suffering and about people suffering. This piece made me think and made me appreciate the history behind these objects.

My absolute favourite piece from the Biennale was the Belgium artist Berlinde De Bruckere’s piece called “kreupelhout-Cripplewood”. This piece was in a darkened room and was a massive tree it scared me at first I didn’t know what it was it looked like a massive dead corpse lying in a room. This giant tree had parts of it looking like bones skin and veins which you can see through.the tree is wrapped in cloths and rope laying on pillows and towels in dark red colours. This piece for me looked like ligaments broken illustrating the fragility of life. This piece made me question what is realistic and what isn’t it looks like a tree or a corpse or both? Yes it looked very much like a fallen tree you would find in the forest but it also looked like a disfigured body of a human being. I loved this piece because it really did make me question the reality and if creating realistic paintings really illustrating what I want to say or is it is recreating an object into something else or another perspective of an object.

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