lecture on 2D artworks

Today we were given a lecture on Time in 2D artworks. To me three artists caught my attention from this lecture. The first was Frida Kahlo’s piece called “The Two Fridas” I was already familiar with her work but I still really love it. “The Two Fridas” is a painting of her holding another identical person to her’s hand and two hearts connecting by a vien. The frida in the white dress is holding a pair of scissors to a cut open vein this symbolism could be a detachment from her old self or a sense of losing someone and in result losing a fragment of oneself.

Another artist who inspired me Anslem Kiefer this piece is called“The Heirarchy of the Angels.” This German artist was born in the end of the Second World War and he grew up in Germany when there was this great sense of loss around. This piece is not only very spiritual but relates to the past and the memory of someone that was once there but are gone. This piece uses clothing and prints as if clothing used to be there but have been removed from the dirt leaving an imprint. This piece is quite a distressing piece as the clothes could be there to represent spirits of people from the Second World War.href=”https://danielleeadair.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/20131119-165950.jpg”>20131119-165950.jpg

The land artist Richard Long came up also and how his art is looking at the time changing and the time spent in creating a path in an area of land. This makes it obvious to the viewer that he has made a path in which to walk on. This illustrates his walk as a piece of art and that man and man made things are still evident in landscape photography and the land in which he walks on.

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