Fine Art 3D Practice Lecture

We had a lecture on 3D art practices and questioned what sculpture is. For me some artists really stood out to me.

Louise Bourgeois-“Childish Things”. Her work is related to memory and childhood perception. To me they are quite odd and peculiar. The way they have been presented  in a glass box all on platforms is as if they are in themselves are like an ancient artifact you would find in a museum depicting a time or a scene in her life. I find these pieces quite  scary as something is embedded in them inviting you to look and question them and to confront the viewer of themselves.

Hans Bellmer -“adjustable Dolls Second Version”. This piece I feel there is a personal feeling involved with the artist.The physical deformity of the doll illustrates the surreal state of mind the artist is in While creating the piece. The adjustable form of this doll shows a loss of control in ones self. This piece could show the physiological state that the artist was in when he created it. For me I find this piece fascinating as it draws me in to question what is going on within the doll or fragments of other dolls.

Urs Fischer- “the rape of the sabine woman”. This wax model is in fact a candle lit melting sculpture. The idea that is it melting and all people have is a image of it really engages me as an artist as all the art pieces I see are permanently fixed into a gallery where there they will stay. This piece challenges the viewer to question what is permanent and what is not. The idea that the only thing left will be the memory of what once was there makes me want to experiment with materials which will eventually be gone.

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