Projector Foetus


With this piece I was experimenting with a projector and a polly pocket to see the way in which the plastic creases the baby-like object was a clay piece I made. I projected the image onto a piece of paper and drew where the creases lay. This way of drawing helped me view different ways of drawing and different ways in which I can create my art. I wanted this piece to be symbolic of a foetus in the womb which is translucent and in a way it is symbolic of home and a sense of belonging to a place. The polly pocket symbolises this sense of home as a place of comfort and security. The way the foetus created shadow on the projector instead of an actual detailed picture of the foetus to me shows an object once being there but it is not there anymore. The dark black is the memory it is not the solidity of the foetus it is only a memory or emprint of what was there and a memory of being home.


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