My Handmade Dolls


Recently I have been making dolls out of material I have found in my room like plastic, paint, cotton wool and tights. I have sewed some facial features on some of them others I have left with no face. I created an umbilical cord on most of them to illustrate a detachment from some form of womb and show it may have been connected to the mother or maker of it. These dolls are very “Rag Doll” like and are like some sort of toy. This was my intention as I like the idea that some child at some time could have loved this doll. I have put red paint on most of them because I wanted them to also be viewed as some kind of life-form. I wanted them to have a connection to the image of the human foetus with blood on them and a detached umbilical cord. They are sewn very loosely making them very fragile and could be easily broken or could fall apart. I like this idea of fragility as it shows how a newborn needs to be handled carefully and with love otherwise it could die or be broken.

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